Meet Searah Deysach

Searah is the founder and owner of Early to Bed, Chicago’s first woman-owned sex shop. In addition to slinging high-quality sex toys, she lectures about sex and the adult novelty industry at Midwestern colleges, local community groups and pretty much anywhere she is invited. She is a firm believer in masturbation and that comprehensive sex education should be available to everyone. 


Have you ever stolen anything? 


What do you hate? 

I super hate people thinking they have a right to say what happens to a woman’s body ever. 

If we came over for dinner what would you make for us? 

Probably something that gave you a lot of options for customization. I’m really into toppings and think things like tacos, sushi bowl, chili, veggie burgers are great ways to make yummy food that your guests get to make yummier by choosing their own toppings. I think part of it is my love of toppings and part is the thought that if you don’t love what I made at least you can make it “your way”.

If you had to change careers what would you want to do? 

I’d want to work in reproductive justice or women’s health care. The longer I do this work the more committed I am to making sure women have good access to info about and services for their snatches. But if it was a fantasy kind of job…probably a marshmallow or cotton candy taste-tester.

What do you suck at? 

Focusing on one task at a time! Managing people! Finishing the task I start. Getting up early on my own. Sleeping all the way through the night. Making phone calls.  Drawing. 

What is your hidden talent?

 I know how long it takes to do things and get places and am pretty much always on time (although having a three-year old challenges that).

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