Meet Sara Travis

Sara is the founder + pedal power behind The Brew Hub, a bike powered cart serving up iced coffee, iced tea and handmade sodas on tap to many Chicago neighborhoods. The Brew Hub is her attempt to remember what it was about the coffee industry that took hold of her eight years ago. She spent this last year behind a computer while starting a roasting company, so she decided it was essential that she get back to doing what makes her happiest; riding her bike, talking to people, and making coffee. Simple as that. Currently she’s serving up locally sourced cold brewed iced coffee and tea, as well as her very own handmade sodas. Powered by bicycle, with a sweet solar panel and all compostable packaging, she is doing my best to make you’re workday just a bit more fun. 


What do you know for certain? 

I am certain that I don’t know anything.

What makes you laugh? 

My dog Penny makes me laugh multiple times a day. She’s got this wiggle that happens whenever she’s super excited, which is often. Imagine a black dog with white socks who’s old but has a puppy face and a gimpy front left leg. When she’s excited, her back end shakes out of sync with her front end, causing an awkward body vibration, and her gimpy leg wiggles around because it doesn’t touch the ground. 

What do you believe? 

I believe in hopeless optimism. It makes cynical people tolerable to be around and you’ll sleep much better. 

What do you geek out about? 

Everything. I can’t remember what boredom is like as I tend to obsess over things I find interesting…which is an endless list.  These days all you need is an internet connection in order to geek out over just about anything. The trick is being able to leave the computer behind and do it, whatever it is, in the real world. Once you’ve satiated that YouTube appetite that is. Want to learn about gardening? Google it and then go play in the dirt. Hopefully you’ll eventually come full circle by nerding out so hard that you improve the information available to the masses based on your own experiences. 

What’s your favorite word? 


Want more? Track down the cart via twitter + enjoy some AMAZEBALLS coffee. Follow her on instagram @ChiBrewHub and Facebook.