Meet Sal Yvat

Sal is the most adventurous stylist you'll know. Crafting eclectic fashion looks to help you tell your story is what drives her to be more than a stylist/ art director but an image architect. As an aspiring image consultant and art director, her focus is always on the "bigger picture." She sees beyond the now, and is able to style your creative future with meticulous detail. So, get groovy with Sal.



What do you believe?
I believe life is a pretty cool lesson and you should treat people with respect just because.. not to get anything back.


What new thing have you learned lately?
I have learned how to get stains out of anything! This comes in handy especially for styling, I can get makeup out of everything and it's awesome.


How long do you think you would you survive the zombie apocalypse? Why?
I'm sure I would survive a zombie apocalypse for about two weeks. I don't have the cardio (I've seen Zombieland). I can't take the running and the dodging. I'd camp out, maybe play dead, but I think they would smell "life" on me and take me out.


What do you suck at?
I really cannot sing and it’s unfortunate because I would be a great performer. I'm a great dancer... I could rival Beyonce. Trust.


Who is your favorite character? (tv, literary, whatever)
Hmm, I have so many favorite characters but I'll give you two! Billy Pilgrim from Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut is such a sweetheart. I like that Vonnegut’s characters are kinda dopey people whom trouble can’t seem to let go of. I share the same fate and I appreciate the representation. Spongebob is also one of my favorite characters! He’s so optimistic,
and he’s also the best fry cook but sooo humble! I hope to be like him.


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Photo credit: Clyde Munroe