Meet Brittany Taylor

I wasn’t born a badass woman, I was created to be one. In my shoes I have walked countless miles and I have overcome. God has sent me many tests and I have not stood down. The experiences that I have faced have only made me stronger. I know my experiences, and talking about them with other women, are building other badass women. I help build other women up. I give hope and motivation as I talk to different types of women. I am a badass because not only have I succeeded in myself but I have helped other women succeed within themselves.


What inspires you? Greatness. I was always the little girl pointing things out in catalogs and saying I’m getting this this and this. This is going in my living room, my bedroom, etc. Now that I am a grown woman and have succeeded in my own destiny, I am able to purchase everything I ever wanted for myself and am able to furnish my new home the way I always wanted to as that little girl. 

What do you believe? Hmm...that’s tricky. I believe that everyone has a purpose and that purpose will only be sought when that individual goes after it. I believe life is what you make it and it’s not all sunny days. But then again who would want to battle if there was nothing to fight against? Apply pressure and succeed! 

Who helped get you here? God, family, will, and the power of others - friends believing in me EVEN when those storms seemed life ending.

What is the world missing? Love and understanding. Sometimes a smile can be mistaken for happiness when one is feeling pain inside. Tears mistaken for sadness when one is feeling joyful. The world needs to sit down with one person each week to listen more, talk less. Tell someone you love them and let them feel the warmth of being loved.

What do you hope will be different by this time next year? This time next year I hope the steps I’m walking get a-little closer to the top. I hope that society sees women as a whole and understands we are just as powerful as men. I hope one person can make a stand and the next follows suits and starts a positive chain reaction. This time next year, I hope the homeless person I meet can say, “people don’t walk past me anymore when I say I’m thirsty.” This time next year, I hope my leadership, my beliefs, and my love will spread across the world for people to embrace. Even if it’s just one more person...I’m fine with that. 

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Meet Elenor McRae

BADASS! Wow. What an honor and how awesome to be mentioned in such a way and in the company of so many awesome badasses. Firstly, I am a Woman! GOD thank you for making me a Woman! I am a Mother of the one and only Jianna. I am the only granddaughter of Homer and Constance McRae-Tucker. I am the only daughter of four to my Mother JoAnna E. Johnson. Although I am an annoying little sister, I am also my brother's keeper - Jermaine Johnson, Jonathan Johnson, and Jeraun McRae who became my angel in 2018. I am an auntie to Jermaine Jr. Jeremiah and JaNay.

I have so many titles but there is one that was earned that sums them all up. I am a BADASS! So many things meant to break me only made me stronger. "They" said I couldn't sit at their table - so I learned how to build my own. GOD told me to BE STILL and obedience lead me to an organization, an extended family, that would forever changed my life for the better, Revolution Workshop!

Under the direction, love, and guidance of Program Director, Manny Rodriguez, Program Manager, Jackie Gallo, and the best Instructors ever - Mr. Cunningham and Meegan Czop, proprietor of Great Lakes Yard, I gained invaluable knowledge. Not only in my trade, but life skills that have already taken me so far as to have afforded me a new career as a Union Carpenter! I am hard working, driven, goal-oriented, talented, compassionate, and super fun-loving. I am happy. I love life and I love being a BADASS!


What do you know for sure? GOD loves me!

What is your favorite memory? The first time I laid my daughter on my chest in the hospital after she was born. So surreal and a beautiful precious bonding moment for her and I.

What do you believe? Everything happens for a reason.

When do you feel most at peace? Glancing from time to time to see that my movement did not disturb my daughter sleeping and also gazing at nature.

Who do you admire? People with good character.

Meet Jessica Williams

Jessica is a single mother and executive who is compassionate, versatile, adaptable, positive, and energetic. She is someone that acknowledges that life can be complicated, however she can only truly enjoy it when she embraces both the good and the bad. She has been faced with many obstacles, but what helps her overcome them is being grounded and optimistic, and creating an environment filled with positive energy.


What do you know for sure? I know that being a single mom is a very challenging undertaking. It can be done, however, I wouldn't recommend it. The role of both mother and father is so critical for the upbringing of a child and helps to create a more well-balanced individual.

What inspires you? My 9 year old son inspires me. He has such a competitive spirit and an incredible outlook on life that challenges the norm. I'm inspired to be better for him and push the dial as I'm faced with adversity and obstacles.

What are you most grateful for? I'm most grateful for my family and home. Knowing that I have a loving family to come home to gives me great comfort and strength.

What makes you laugh? Watching a funny movie and hanging out with my family and telling stories.

What do you do when you feel stuck? I take a step back from the situation for a moment so I can generate new energy and ideas. I can usually figure things out once I've done this. However, if I'm still stuck, I'll bounce ideas off of others to get their perspectives.

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Meet Johnnetta Fort

I am a 27 year old, hardworking and dedicated mother, who turned struggle into triumph. I grew up in the foster care system and I have a heart of gold. My daughter is my strength and keeps me thriving! I love adventure and always look on the bright side even when I am in a dark place. I love animals, especially horses. I love music and food, especially seafood. My dream is to become a billionaire and help people in need.


What inspires you? My beautiful daughter Brooklyn

What is your biggest pet peeve? When you are in an empty bathroom and someone chooses the stall right next to you instead of the next stall over.

Who would you fire? I would fire Donald Trump

What is your favorite quote? “Just keep swimming” - Finding Nemo

What is the most outrageous thing you’ve ever done? I slashed the tires of my sister’s boyfriends car and when I got to the last tire, I accidentally cut my tendon. It was my left hand and I’m left handed.

Best advice you’ve ever gotten? Stop having exceptions from others. Meaning, how you treat people will not be the same as how they treat you.

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