Meet Rebecca Loebe

Rebecca quit her job as a recording engineer over 5 years ago to pursue music full time. Since then she’s released three acclaimed Americana albums, won several songwriting contests including Kerrville’s New Folk Award and represented the singer/songwriter community on the first season of NBC’s “The Voice.” This spring she is releasing a live album with Goose Creek Records and performing concerts and workshops in the US, Canada, Europe and Japan. She’s a great driver, an enthusiastic gardener and she wants to be your friend.


What do you know for sure? 

Working many customer service jobs has taught me one thing for sure: in every interaction we have with every person we encounter we can improve or damage the quality of their day with about 15 seconds worth of effort. It takes as much time to smile and say one considerate thing to someone as it does to do nothing, and in return for that small expenditure of energy comes the potential of providing someone comfort and a sense of community when they may need it. In a world where 50% of the population lives on less than $1 a day, I think we owe it to each other to help in any way we can, and this is the very least we can do. Be kind, every time.

What inspires you? 

I am inspired by artists who let their guard down and show their vulnerable, true selves without — or maybe in spite of — fear that some will find what they have to offer unappealing.

What do you suck at? 

I am not good at cutting ties. I collect people as I go, and when it’s time to terminate a relationship (personal or professional) it’s really, really hard for me.

Have you ever stolen anything? 

Not since I got busted at Kroger attempting to steal eyeliner when I was 13. I wanted to put it on a boy I had a crush on (we had just had a lengthy conversation about guy liner and he said he would try it…soooo….) Anyhow, the whole experience was humiliating, especially since I *knew* I was definitely in the wrong, and I’ve never stolen anything since (and as an adult I took a lot of business to that Kroger when I was working as a backstage runner at a venue spending thousands of dollars on dressing room food…so I figure I worked off some of the bad karma). 

What is your favorite quote? 

I once got a horoscope that said “Radiating your highest integrity is the truest form of self promotion.” I frequently find myself trying to balance art and commerce in my daily life, and this has become my mantra.

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