Patrice Perkins

Meet Patrice N. Perkins 

Patrice is the founding partner of Creative Genius Law®, a boutique law firm for creative entrepreneurs and innovative businesses. She counsels clients in business law, new media law and intellectual property law (copyrights and trademarks). Patrice is also the creator of The Quit Kit, a strategic planning system to help creative entrepreneurs ditch their 9 to 5 for full-time entrepreneurship.



What do you know for sure? 

I know for sure that I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing and that my vision is larger than life. Being in a traditionally conservative industry, I had moments of uncertainty early on -- I wasn't sure how I'd be received by my peers. There were two moments that really caused a shift for me and led to me letting go of inhibitions around not having a traditional practice:

1) Back in 2012, I met an attorney at least 30 years my senior at a large conference who stopped to check out my informational table. She told me that she wished she had the gall to step out and do work as cool and true to self as I was, back in her hay day.

2) The second moment happened when I took the Fascination Advantage personality assessment. The results stated that I am naturally a trendsetter, an innovator and that I have a knack for helping others others identify "what's next." It confirmed that everything I'd developed so far with my firm was authentic to who I truly am. I may have cried at the results.


What inspires you? 

Knowing that I am reaching people in my law practice who may have opted out of having a lawyer at all, inspires me. Also, my clients inspire me -- I am honored to work with the most daring, creative people ever. No two client projects are alike and that keeps me fired up and motivated. Outside of the office, sunshine, the energetic buzz of Chicago, great food and my parents keep me inspired.


What makes you laugh? 

My laughter is random -- but usually its an unedited, unexpected and sometimes inappropriate moment. Laughing to the point of tears is the best release ever. We did that in a CGL meeting recently and it was the best ever.


What is your favorite song? 

It's hard to name one (how cruel!) but my absolute favorite is Liberation by Outkast.  


What is the greatest purchase you have ever made? 

A work of art by Chicagoan and all around amazing creative Shani Crowe. Her work was my first significant art investment and I couldn't have made a better decision -- I look at it everyday as a reminder of how far I've come with the support of resilient, bold women alongside me and the interconnectedness of our ability to have continued success. It's also a reminder of the raw talent right here in my home city. 


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Photo Credit: Ten LaShon