Meet Marine Tempels

Marine is a Belgian-American artist who lives in Chicago. She has a great love for the mitten state, Belgian chocolate, redwood trees, vegetables, colors and people. Marine believes art is a powerful tool for learning and healing, and she is passionate about making the art world more accessible and inclusive. She works as the Development Director for ArtReach Chicago with a team of Seriously Badass Women, Pearl Dick and Karen Reyes.




Who helped get you here?

My family, my partner, my friends, my co-workers, my teachers, my coaches and my heroes. I believe I got here because I’ve received enough love and support to be vulnerable, take risks and ask questions. This has enabled me to grow and learn and continues to allow me to do so. I try to pay this gift forward by spending my time helping others feel loved & supported (which also means fighting for racial, social and economic equity) so we can all empower each other to take risks and enjoy the privilege of growing and learning.


What do you do when you feel stuck?

In painting, I intentionally don’t let myself get too far into a painting before starting a new one. This allows me to rotate amongst paintings when I get stuck, finding solutions in other works. I usually have between 4 and 6 pieces going at any given point. I have learned that if I just sit and stare to try and come up with a solution I usually get more and more entangled in my thoughts. I know I learn through experimentation, so I find tricks to experiment in non-permanent ways to get myself unstuck. For example, I take pictures of my paintings, bring them into photoshop, and draw on top of the image to find solutions.

In life, I mostly do the same thing. I find active ways to get myself unstuck, either by rotating activities or by talking to others to get out of my own head.


How do you take care of yourself?

I make time to be alone and recharge. I run. I read books. I go outdoors. I draw and paint.


Who do you admire?

Fred Rogers, for being so unwavering in his compassion. I believe compassion, in part, means accepting the complicated nature of something. Sadly, advocating from this grey area can sometimes be seen as weak, indecisive, or ignorant. I admire Mr. Rogers and others who advocate from a point of compassion and believe in its strength.


Favorite word?

Two words, but whatever. Rules are meant to be broken.
Quiet Intensity. To me, these two words are a reminder that there are other ways to give a voice intensity than being loud and aggressive. 


Want more? Go see her art! and follow her on Instagram @MarineTempels

Photo Credit: Jamie Kelter Davis Photography