Meet Jillian Walker

Jillian is the founder of Microchip Indy. A hub for women, and for mothers, Microchip Indy focuses on the needs of women in different stages of career and parenting. Microchip Indy currently creates programs, events, and content aimed at facilitating connection and support for women in Indianapolis. Jillian is building a co-working space + child care, where a mom can be heads down without guilt and children are on site but not in sight.

Having a constant desire to create and lift community, Jillian serves on boards to support women, children, and the LGBTQ. She is a mom, a wife, and an innovator who is eternally bored with the status quo.




What do you know for sure?

That as women we have to get the shit out of our heads that needs us to have all our ducks in a row. I thought to make change I had to follow specific steps – it’s a lie. If you find a need or have a desire (big or small) to impact change, you have to go for it. I’m not saying quit your job and risk it all if you aren’t comfortable, that advice comes from a place of privilege not everyone has. But I know for certain that every voice/idea/bit of rage can change community.


What’s the best advice you have ever given?

“Never when you're hot.” Basically, it's taking a breath before you reply, post, etc. Being a woman in business trying to raise money can be an emotional ride. Hearing from men who don’t get your idea or want to share space with children can be rage inducing. Taking a beat to calm down has proven great advice.


Pet peeves?

Why can people not learn to merge?!


What gets you through a rough day?

Surrounding myself with strong women pushing the needle forward in my city. Whether they are moms doing all the things, consultants pushing the dream of independence, business owners proving boundaries are healthy for the bottom line, or community and city workers trying to make our little part of the world equitable. A simple slack message of “what are we going to set to fire today?” is true motivation.


What makes you laugh?

I’m so cliche but I think my four-year-old is the most hilarious human. No filter, no baggage, no ingrained bias - just pure joy.


What new thing have you learned lately?

In June, I hosted a Stitch-Up in Indianapolis with Badass Cross Stitch and 80 amazing folks attended. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to other intimate stitch-ups. At one of them, a woman taught me how to embroider a flower...all pieces from here on out will be littered with them. Shannon would be proud. (Shannon is very proud)


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