Meet Jessica Disu aka FM Supreme

Born and raised in Chicago, Jessica Disu, also known as FM Supreme, uses language as a tool for positive change. She’s a three-time international performing poet, artist, activist and educator who describes herself as a “humanitarian rap artist.” As a two-time champion ofLouder Than A Bomb, the Chicago youth poetry slam festival, Disu has served as coach and youth leader in that slam and others. Her commitment to mentoring youth extends across the globe. Recently, she toured Southeast Asia in Bangkok, Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) with The Peace Exchange: Chicago-Asia 2013-a community-based, educationally focused and young adult-led effort to understand violence and foster peace in some of Chicago’s toughest neighborhoods; FM Supreme is releasing her music project, Beautiful Grind III: The Transformation in June 2014. 


What inspires you? 

I am inspired by circumstance and life experience. I have learned that the purpose of life is to discover your Truth(s), breathe and live. Whatever that means to you. Living to me means never giving up even when you don’t see or feel the light at the end of the tunnel. I am very inspired and encouraged by the brilliance and intelligence of children and young people. The hopes and imaginations of youth that I have encountered across the world in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia has significantly impacted my life. I love young people, and I know that one of my callings, is youth servant leadership. I feel very blessed to have a genuine connection with young people. I understand their perspective as I am not far removed from the up and coming generation, as a 25 year old, Nigerian American woman born on the West Side of Chicago. I am inspired by great Hip Hop music, R&B, Jazz, Gospel, Alternative Rock, Soul music, Motown, and Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble,” <<<<<<my favorite song of 2013.

What makes you laugh? 

I laugh at things that should not be funny. Like turning in my paper a week late, even though I worked hard on it and maybe deserve an A or B but will get a C because it is a week late. I laugh at my obstacles that I have had in the past and how after learning lessons learned, the obstacles which seemed life or death, was more or less just minuscule challenges to prepare me for my next level. I laugh at television shows that are intended to be reality t.v shows but the ones that are clearly scripted and or made with an agenda. I laugh a lot, like in my song with Prince Talent, “ No Turning Back,” ‘anything is possible, I get over my obstacles and laugh, and laugh/no turning back aye!’

Where is your favorite place to travel to? 

My favorite place to travel to is Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I love The Red Light District. I played many shows there with my comrade and sister in the struggle, Deja K. Taylor. This was in 2009 for The Beautiful Grind Movement European Tour. It was amazing, the cultural freedoms of expression was eye opening to say the least. We stayed near Oosterpark and felt very welcomed by our Dutch friends. On that tour, we traveled through Rotterdam, Belgium, and France before making it to Brixton, England to perform at a private birthday party. Deja and I both were 20 years old then. It’s five years later and I am starting to feel a bit;)

What do you suck at? 

I suck at being a good auntie sometimes. I want to be more around and involved in the lives of my nephews. I love them as if they are my sons…I don’t have kids yet but one day maybe in the distance future. I also suck at keeping enthusiasm for things, work or projects that I don’t fully believe in.

Who helped you get here? 

Jesus helped me get here. My mom and dad who are the reasons why I am who I am and am on earth helped me get here. My brothers and sisters and extended relatives helped me get here and never judged me or laughed at me for my mistakes. The community helped me get here and is also the reason why I have been so blessed, empowered, encouraged and determined to make a difference. After School Matters Words 37 Program, Kuumba Lynx,Youth Struggling for SurvivalLouder Than A BombChicago Academy for the Arts High School (CAA)Young Chicago AuthorsTrinity United Church of ChristHoly Family Ministries and Open Society Foundation’s Campaign for Black Male Achievement has helped me vibrantly stand strong. Last but not least, my mentors and mentees helped me get here and arrive at this present moment.

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