Meet Jamie Davis

Jamie is Greenhouse Loft’s co-owner, studio manager and event expert. Also a photographer, Jamie has a flair for style and creativity not only for photography, but also for planning low waste, green events.  Greenhouse Loft is Chicago’s premiere sustainable event space, specializing in weddings, corporate meetings, and any other amazing gathering one would like to host!

(AND side note: Jamie takes most of the beautiful photos of the Badass Ladies seen on this blog so let’s give it up for that! Thank you Jamie.)


If we came over for dinner what would you prepare for us? 

Okonomiyaki! I  was so lucky to have lived in rural Japan for a few years, and the first day I was there I was introduced to this magical, magical dish.  It’s found everywhere in Japan, and it’s fun and easy to make.  I’m always astounded that it hasn’t taken off in the US.  I’d definitely love to make it for you if you came over. Okonomiyaki is a sort of savory pancake with sautéed shrimp, on a bed of lightly fried soba noodles with the most delicious secret sauce ever (okay, I’ll let you in on it, it’s Okonomiyaki Sauce) and a few dabs of mayo. Yum!

A little known fact about yourself?  

I love gardening.  My grandfather was an avid gardener.  We have a few garden plots in Naperville, close to where my mom lives. We have been gardening summers non-stop for years now.  It’s where you’ll find me, my husband, and my mom most Sundays May through October.  My grandfather and mom have taught us how to garden, and it’s been such a fulfilling experience.  We grow an insane amount of food in our plots, it’s wonderful!

What is your hidden talent? 

Playing the flute.  When I was young I was really into music, and I played from when I was 9 until I was 21. I decided not to study music in college, and never regretted it, Years of private lessons, contests, concerts, bands, symphonies, and more.  However, every once and while I’ll hear a beautiful flute piece and I’ll get a little twinge that I should try to do something with that hidden talent. Recently I pulled out my flute and found that I could still play some of those concertos that I would practice hours memorizing in high school (not as well of course!).  My husband has a guitar, and we have been playing duets, so maybe someday we will have a show :)  

What gets you through a rough day? 

Dinner with my husband.  He has taught me how to truly enjoy food and the experiences that go along with it.  He always has good food on his mind, and a plan on how to get it.  If I’m having a bad day, and he is off that evening, I know I can look forward to a great meal with lots of delicious red wine, whether that be at a cool new restaurant or in our own cozy home.

What’s your craziest idea? 

That I will someday move to a tropical place, perhaps Hawaii, and have a small farm, with a roadside stand.  I’d tend to the garden/farm, live in a sustainable home off the grid, hike every day, do yoga, watercolor paint and weave.

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Photo Credit: Kelly Allison Photography