Meet Hoda Katebi

Hoda is the Chicago-based angry daughter of Iranian immigrants. She is the voice behind JooJoo Azad, the political fashion platform hailed from BBC to the New York Times to the pages of VOGUE; author of the book Tehran Streetstyle, a celebration and documentation of illegal fashion in Iran; host of #BecauseWeveRead, a radical international book club with over 30 chapters internationally; and founder of Blue Tin Production, an all-women immigrant and refugee-run clothing manufacturing co-operative in Chicago.


What do you know for sure? That we will win.

Have you ever stolen anything? Yes. A gingerbread man shaped eraser (I had a collection) from my 1st grade classroom.

How do you take care of yourself? I take care of myself by caring for community.

What is your favorite place to travel to? My homeland of Iran, and specifically the Caspian Sea in the north!

What inspires you? That our ancestors have fought, thrived, and survived. That resistance runs through our blood. That my religious tradition is rich with the history of resistance, humanity, building of community, and the advancement of social justice by and for my people.

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Photo credit: Jamie Kelter Davis Photography