Meet Fawzia Mirza

Fawzia left a career as a litigator to pursue her dreams of acting. She is now an actor, writer, producer. Her mission is to use comedy as a tool to defy stereotypes across her identities, including race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. She believes in defying the idea of the ‘model minority’. She’s a 2016 White House Champion of Change in Asian American and Pacific Islander Art & Storytelling, she’s also a 2015 3Arts Awardee in acting and Indiewire named her a “Top 10 Creative”. She’s done theatre, made web series, short films, plays. Her recent mockumentary The Muslim Trump where she played the Muslim illegitimate daughter of Donald Trump appeared in Vice, Jezebel, NBC News, Marie Claire, Jezebel and more. Her feature film she co-wrote and stars in, Signature Move, a Tribeca Film Institute All Access program fellow, shoots Fall 2016 in Chicago. It’s about a Pakistani, Muslim lesbian who falls in love with a Mexican woman in Chicago, all while trying to find her identity in love and wrestling.


What do you know for sure? 

Everything in life is temporary. Love is strength. And MSG should be illegal.

What inspires you? 

Connection to others. Endless Possibility. And unicorns. 

What don’t people know about you? 

I played the french horn for 6 years. My favorite pair of socks have dinosaurs on them. I love bad pirate jokes.

What is your favorite place to travel to? 

Korean Spas. After my first visit to one in Seoul, Korea, I became obsessed. There is one near Chicago in Niles, IL called King Spa & Sauna.

What do you believe? 

Self-love is a springboard to happiness. We never stop learning. Making fun of vulnerable or weak people is not funny.

Have you ever stolen anything? 

When I was in high school, I once stole a bottle of Strawberry Hill Boones Farm wine from a grocery store. I saved $2. 

Who do you admire? 

My sister. She is an architect and an artist and has channeled her energy into her art and her community work to fight and live with her Multiple Sclerosis. 

If we came over for dinner what would you prepare for us? 

I’d make you Pakistani food: channa masala, jhinga salaan and phallis (chick peas, shrimp curry and green beans) served with rice. And whatever wine you bring over. We would eat with our hands or a fork if you like. And if you’re nice, i might feed you. 

If you had to change careers what would you want to do? 

Professional Chef, NHL Hockey Player or Fire Dancer

What do you suck at? 

Sleeping. Taking Vacations. Making sense in text messages.

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