Meet Anne Wagner

Anne lives in Andersonville with her two teenage daughters, Lucy and Jane and their rescue pit bull chow rescue, Moxie. She is the principal of NovaStoria, a brand marketing firm focused on triple bottom line companies, a 200hr Forrest Yoga Instructor, and a Reiki Master.  Also, she is the co-board president of ArtReach, a nonprofit dedicated to building community and personal empowerment through art making. Additionally, she is on the marketing and development committees for the Chicago Waldorf School. 


What expression do you love/hate?

I love “Get up Jeanie” from Flashdance. I don’t know if other people say it, but that line always stuck with me. It is from the scene where Jennifer Beals’ friend wipes out on the ice and doesn’t get up and then becomes a stripper, (because ice skater and stripper are her only career options in 1985 Pittsburgh, obviously). Jennifer Beals keeps repeating “Get up Jeanie.” Like don’t quit, walk it off, make it happen etc. It is what I say to myself when I have had a bad day.

What do you think about when you are alone?

A soup of worry and excitement. Thoughts like I really should read that book I bought ten years ago on the founding father’s philosophical roots and I would like to learn how to cook Indian food and who would vote for Trump and how much I love Andersonville. I love being alone, and I love to think about things randomly, without having to focus. It is fun for me.

What’s the most outrageous thing I have ever done?

I quit my corporate job in the elevator. I told my boss “I’m gonna go.”  He asked if I was sick. I said nope, just ready to go as in leave here, for good. 

Pet Peeves?

People who don’t listen. They want you to stop talking so they can give unsolicited advice. I can’t stand that.

Who helped you get here?

 A LOT of people. My parents, my sister, my oldest friends from growing up, and most importantly, my kids. It sounds cliché, but they keep me grounded. Raising them pushes me to be a much stronger, compassionate person, more organized person than I would have been, if I hadn’t had them.


Want more? Learn about her brand marketing company here, and her yoga and reiki services here. Connect with her Instagram.

Photo Credit: Jamie Kelter Davis Photography