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Meet Ann Chikahisa

Ann has always made things that she loves for the people that she loves. Finding, crafting, weaving, working, forging, unforging, creating. Like breathing, like blinking, she has been watching her art out of the corner of her eye for a long time. First in flowers, then in yarn and fabric; in two dimensions, and in three; for her children, for her friends; with media enduring and others fleeting; in ways that were at once satisfying and incomplete.

She is self-taught, but far from alone. She learned from her mother, who learned from her’s. To find beauty. To cherish it. To allow it space and time. She learned from other artists about craft, and patience, and effort, and imperfection, and community.  And she learned from her children.

Chikahisa Studio became official in 2009.  Modern. Sophisticated. Extraordinary



What inspires you? 
Beauty in the world.  It could be as simple as a rock on the beach or as majestic as Maroon Bells in Colorado. I often find it in the most random unexpected ways and that’s when it takes my breath away.


What do you believe?  
I believe that confidence is the most beautiful trait.  


If you could fire anyone in the world, who would you fire? 
Donald Trump.  He does’t deserve nor should he be our President.


What is the world missing?  
The world is missing compassion and empathy. We are so self absorbed and busy that we don’t take the time to care for others. This has become a very self absorbed world. Wouldn’t it be a better place to live if we all took some time to care for others? It doesn’t take much to show a little compassion. A simple smile can make someone’s day. I know it makes mine!


What new thing have you learned lately?  
I started to meditate recently. Even though I’ve been doing it for about 6 months, I still feel like a total novice. It is something that is so simple yet it is so difficult.


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